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Not less than 100 wines covering the entire range of French appellations


Mourad shares his passion for wines with his longstanding accomplice and associate Didier Lefort, whose wine shop Au Bon Plaisir is just a short walk away, at 104 Rue des Pyrénées. With Didier, we sample all our wines carefully before making our choice and constantly try out new vignerons to broaden our offering.

The wines we choose are produced by growers who apply organic, biodynamic or reasoned farming methods. Natural wines account for a large share of our wine list.

Mourad is partial to wines from:


  • Languedoc (Lacroix-Vanel, Jean Baptiste Senat, Les Foulards Rouges, Domaine Roc des Anges or Domaine Rouge Garance)
  • Alsace (especially Marc Tempé and Binner)
  • Loire (Philippe Tessier, François Chidaine or Jacky Blot)
  • Côtes du Rhône (Marcel Richaud, Guy Jullien, François Alary, Jean David or Matthieu Dumarcher)
  • Beaujolais (especially Jean Foillard and P.M. Chermette)

Our wine list features no less than one hundred selections covering the entire range of appellations. Our first priority is to offer premium wines at affordable prices.

To download the wine list, click here.

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Last update : 21/03/2017